Who We Are

Our Mission

At FOTIA Fitness we strive to educate our members on their health and fitness journey to ensure that they are properly guided to reach their goals.

FOTIA is the Greek word for Fire. We chose the name because, we believe that everyone has a fire within them that needs to ignite. Here at FOTIA Fitness we want you to discover your fire.

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FOTIA Fitness is an upmarket, exclusive fitness studio with affordable training options available for all our clients. FOTIA offers state of the art equipment which can’t always be found in other gyms, unique training and diet plans for each individual client to help you reach your goals.

FOTIA has the best options available for beginners ,intermediate and advanced athletes with one on one guidance every step of the way. 

Our Core Values

At FOTIA Fitness, we are passionately committed to working together, focusing our knowledge, expertise and innovation on each individual client to obtain their goals.


I have been training with Mike for almost 3 years now. Not only is he empathetic and compassionate but supportive and very encouraging. I have had major insecurities about my weight and without him I wouldn’t be the confident individual i am today. He is not just a trainer, he is a friend, mentor and motivator in life and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to better themselves.
John-Paul Coetzer
Michael is a very passionate and motivated personal trainer who works hard to adjust workouts to your individual needs. With his help I feel stronger and healthier. His enthusiasm and knowledge is really inspiring and it gives you a positive outlook to take home with you.
Five years ago I was desperately unhappy and unhealthy and after having my two boys, I weighed almost 100 kgs at the age of 38. I went on crash diets but always gained the weight back plus extra. I was an emotional binge eater and hated any form of excercise and even though I tried to gym with various personal trainers, I just couldn’t stick to it.
A friend then introduced me to his personal trainer Michael Thomaides (Mike) and I started training with Mike five times a week. Mike changed my view on excercise, nutrition and most importantly, balance in life. He is by far the best personal trainer, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach I have ever met. With his guidance and more importantly, his motivation, I managed to change my body completely and still live a balanced life.
The most important thing I learned from Mike is that consistency is everything. He taught me how to make excercise and healthy eating part of who I am. Today I love weight training and most excercises. I eat more than ever before but I now know what to eat and how to fuel my body correctly to feel strong and healthy. This helps me to be more productive and focused at work and it makes me happy
Marieth Kloppers
As a person who absolutely despises exercise and the sweat and hard work that goes with it, I never saw myself even slightly being interested in health and fitness. Once I realised how badly out of shape I was and how it affected by physical work performance and general health, I decided to give training a try. Mike didn’t just work out a training program for me, he also assisted me with a nutritional diet plan and coached me in a way that mentally prepared me to be healthier, stronger and leaner. Training with Mike isn’t just a quick sweat session to post on Insa, he truly cares, listens and motivates me to be the best version of myself and focus on why I started training in the first place. He pushed me through the difficult times and joked with me when he knew I needed it. He is an inspiration and comes highly recommended for anyone who wishes to achieve their physical training goals. I can proudly say that I lost 15% body fat while being coached by Mike in a matter of 6 months. To this day, even after achieving my goal, I continue my training with Mike.
Kevin Nel